WTF is The Metaverse

Transcript Summary:

Facebook just rebranded its company to Meta and is planting its ag on the metaverse – Why is that? The world is being rebuilt digitally. A digital world needs digital assets and digital infrastructure to function, which is why we’ve seen an explosion in popularity for Bitcoin Ethereum and NFTs. The metaverse is a collection of digitally native technologies and communities rebuilding the world’s infrastructure as we know it. It is the natural evolution of the internet to web 3. Join as I explain what the metaverse and web3 are, why it’s important, and how it will change how we view nance, conduct commerce, and interact with each other as we know. 


Growth marketer and Web3 investor. Previously worked with Starbucks leading their at-home website to 100% YoY organic search growth. Transitioned full-time into Web3 as the Director of Strategy at Two Prime Digital Assets, managing Bitcoin and Ethereum for high net worth individuals. Co-wrote a report called The Rise of Institutional Ethereum Investors which predicted the inux of large funds rotating out of Bitcoin into Ethereum—currently investing and launching in several Web3 projects including Art Spark, Distribut3d Media, Adventures for Loot, and DAO Pass. Also consults with Web3 companies as a growth strategist. 



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