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Topics: Cuelogic, Hack-a-thons, IoT, Cyber Security, Cloud 

Transcript Excerpt  

Cuelogic is a technology company that partners with companies worldwide. They are at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. They have a team of engineers that develop solutions for all businesses. The company promotes individual growth which is seen as the best way for an employee to give back. They encourage employees never to stop learning and continue to acquire more skills.  This is why Cuelogic is involved with many different companies.  

One major partner of Cuelogic is the company IAC. IAC is a large company that owns many smaller ones. The list includes companies like Tinder, Vimeo, Home Advisor, Dash, and Bride. One thing all of these companies have in common is that they store a wealth of customer data. For example, Tinder has millions of user-profiles and Vimeo has millions of videos hosted on the website. This means that they are a prime target for threats against cyber security. With the help of Cuelogic, they have developed anti-malware and anti-hacking solutions. These solutions protect millions of customers’ personal and private data.  These solutions have become so advanced that they have even developed software that can predict when future attacks may arise and work to prevent them from being attacked. These solutions also protect the cloud service providers where this data is stored.  

The next section of the video is about different benefits and services employees are encouraged to make use of.  The first is that employees are encouraged to participate in hack-a-thons. This hack-a-thons help brings people closer together as a group can work towards a common goal. Hack-a-thons also help increase the skills of the employees because they are in an environment that requires unique and creative solutions. Another way employees are encouraged to participate in different aspects of the IT community is through attending and hosting speaker events. They are encouraged to attend events like AWS Community Day which is shown off in the video. This allows attendees to network and the ability to make new connections with developers outside the company.   

The final section of the video is about how the company was one of the first to embrace IoT. IoT has become an important aspect of modern technology and they were one of the earliest adopters. The product shown off in the video is called Rotimatic and it makes roti. By using IoT it allows the user to create and customize the roti. The developer jokes that while Tesla uses IoT for cars their company makes it applicable to the average person. This is what sets the company apart from others.  


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