Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT Device Management Enhancements


Topics: Application, Management, IoT, Network Tech

Transcript Excerpt

What exactly is the Internet of Things device management? What role does it play in the IoT framework or in the IoT space? Some organizations that strive to offer everything from a single platform may have to touch and have some of the components of many of the IoT jigsaw box parts. It is not very good at anything or may be particularly good at one area, such as application enablement, as in the ability to construct IoT apps in the dashboard. It may have come from that background but may be lacking in areas such as connective connectivity enabling, devices, and so on. So, as previously said, focus on the device aspect of the puzzle. However, when the puzzle landscape in the area is examined, there are additional components that form part of an IoT solution. One of the most crucial is connection enablement. As a result, today’s inability to supply Sims and embedded Sims. IoT devices employ integrated SIM technology, and there are a number of problems associated with managing those profiles and reprovisioning those profiles for IoT devices to use. But, from an ICE management standpoint, are there specialized firms working in that space? There is certainly a point of contact there in terms of being able to activate, deactivate, and monitor use on various devices, among other things. So that is the interface between device management and connection enabling. Then there’s analytics, but analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all quite broad topics. Some organizations provide analytics help in the IoT platform market. Some businesses provide analytics inside their systems, but there is a growing trend toward employing the best breed for each of the jigsaw parts. So, best of breed for a device, best free for connection enablement, and huge cloud suppliers like Amazon and Microsoft, Google, and several more companies provide analytics tools through their cloud infrastructures. What is done is to ease the flow of IoT-based data information from the edge device to an analytics platform, which is detailed in further discussions, and another is what is known as enablement or active. So, while the application enablement components are there, there are also many, many companies offering application enablement solutions from a device standpoint. All-access networks, including narrowband, are included. Some service providers or operators are being pushed to begin supplying over-the-top revenue services, which requires extra software stacks and service applications. As a result, many entail a lot of human procedures rather than attempting to avoid those manual processes of connecting all of these different sorts of devices on the market with a plethora of different protocol possibilities.


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