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The cloud is an important service that focuses on the storage of large amounts of data. Typically, companies will buy a section of the cloud from a company to put a theoretically unlimited amount of data on it.  There are three resources provided by the cloud. The first is that companies do not need to create their infrastructure. Already existing infrastructure is put in place by the server owner. This cuts down on costs because companies do not need to come up with their own solutions. The second is that a cloud offers building blocks for developing new kinds of software. These databases can be used to help enhance types of storage or create AI tools. Developers can use these applications to build their own solutions faster than if they had done this alone.  The developers also have access to any software developed by the cloud developers or third-party associates. This software is already being used and that means companies using the cloud do not have to do anything else.

There are also two different kinds of cloud servers. The first is a public server. This is the more traditional kind of cloud storage. This kind of storage is where one cloud operator sells different sections of the server to different parties. Each group is given there own private and secure section that no one else has access to. Public servers allow companies to save money b not building their own cloud from scratch. They also cut down on each person’s carbon footprint as multiple sources of data are coming from one server. The second type of cloud storage is private. This is where a cloud server is owned by one company and no one else has access to hit. Most companies use a hybrid solution which means they use a mixture of public and private servers. This both cuts down on costs and makes sure data is secure.   

A big issue with cloud storage is cyber security and Thales steps in to help with that. Due to the pandemic cloud storage has become more important and that is not expected to change. By 2030 the industry is expected to be worth 500 billion Euros. Despite this, in 2020 40% of companies suffered some sort of cyber attack. Thales capitalizes on this by offering the best cyber security in the industry. They are partners with the leading cloud developers to ensure data is safe. The European Union has the GDPR which enforces very strict rules on data protection which makes the work Thales does even more important. This is why developers should choose Thales over the competition.  

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