What is Ultra Wideband UWB  with Stephen Cooper (but first, what it is NOT)

Stephen Cooper, WirelessLan professionals

Topics: Ultra-wide Band, Wireless communication, Wireless

Transcript Summary  

Ultra-wide band is based on IEEE 80215.4 standards and uses pulse radio technology and it’s based on low power pulses of low power spectral density. It operates in the 3.1 to 10.6 gigahertz range there is some support for sub-gigahertz as well, but this is the majority of the stuff we see coming out at the moment. Ultra-wide band can be used for data exchange and data communications and control communications not just location services. It’s an 80215. 4.4 wireless body area networks wireless sensors for health monitoring and tracking is probably going to revolutionize apple health and what they have in store for the apple watch. 


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