What Is Quantum Computing? Easy Explanation With Practical Examples

Bernard Marr, Bernard Marr & Co.

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Transcript Summary

Quantum computing was defined briefly, and there were examples of how quantum computers are used in practice. Quantum computing is different from computing. Computing grew even 50 years ago, but modern computers are calculators that compute in sequence by calculating ones and zeros, which are bits. These bits are tiny in size, and the switching unit or memory unit that computes one is the size of an atom. However, quantum computers are at the subatomic level, changing how computers operate. There are quantum bits or qubits instead of a one or zero bit. The qubits can simultaneously stay in multiple locations at the subatomic level, making computing faster than modern computers. In addition, quantum computers can compute complex tasks that modern computers cannot, including accurate weather predictions, predicting traffic, or helping with cryptography.

Quantum computers can quickly process algorithms that supercomputers would take years to do, including advanced computer security, taking a few minutes for a quantum computer to break. Google has reached quantum supremacy since it delivered a computer/program to solve problems that traditional computers can not do. In practice, other quantum computers can solve complex problems like immaterial science, understanding the chemical compound of batteries for an electric car to optimize them. Pharmaceutical companies use quantum computers to develop new drugs and experiment with the different variations or even vaccines. Companies like Volkswagen uses quantum computers to provide a service to predict the best routes of buses around cities. Airbus uses quantum computers to identify the best ways for planes to take off and land to minimize fuel consumption.

Despite the real-world applications of quantum computers, it is not at a stage where everyone can carry one around like a phone. There are still many steps that need to complete before getting to that point. However, it is not a step-by-step process because it is complex. Quantum computers need to be shielded against noise because activity at a subatomic level is not possible with noise. Also, during quantum activity, they generate vast amounts of heat, meaning that quantum computers need to be cool to almost zero or absolute zero. Usually, they sit in a basement shielded from noise with a massive cooling system. However, quantum computers have become more accessible to many companies because they can go to companies like Google or IBM. Companies can hire them to help solve their complex problems. This service makes quantum computing readily available.


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