What is A Data Warehouse

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  • June 14, 2022
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Topics: ERP, NetSuite, Data Center 
Transcript Excerpt
Neil Stolovitsky, product manager for Gurus Solutions, a five-star Nestle partner and creator of Gurus Business Intelligence is going to talk about one of the hottest topics in business and technology, data warehouse housing, and, more specifically, why it matters to people in the NetSuite community. If people are new to the world of business intelligence, it’s very easy to get lost in the sea of technologies that make up this world. With just a couple of online searches on business intelligence, people will very quickly stumble on several varying technologies, including data visualization, OLAP, ETL, analytics, and Data Warehousing. The goal of a data warehouse is to empower people the end-user by providing people with full access to the business information. Living in the important systems that run the company. 
A data warehouse is designed to selectively store and optimize business data across multiple systems to facilitate reporting and analytics. This is very different from a database whose sole purpose is to capture transactional data from a single system such as the ERP system. Think of a data warehouse as the heart of the business, pumping strategic information to the company’s brain. Every day strategic decisions are made by the top executives that can either hurt or help the business. A well-designed data warehouse delivers a centralized, clear, and complete library of the most important business information. Anyone who’s running their company on NetSuite knows that the data captured in their ERP system is filled with valuable nuggets of information on the health of their business. By design, it is great at ingesting data. However, it’s not uncommon for the end-user to face challenges in getting the most relevant information promptly. In fact, in many cases, strategic reporting happens outside of the ERP platform. That is where data warehousing comes into the picture. A data warehouse solution designed for the Neto DRP will efficiently restructure both the transactional and non-transactional data from the Nested database and stored it in an external repository designed to address the bi needs. This powerful repository, known as a data warehouse, will allow people businesses to make sense of the inherently complex relationships of the data living in their ERP CRM and any other strategic enterprise system impacting their company. To facilitate this process, Guru Solution builds Guru’s Business Intelligence. With Gurus Business Intelligence, they have removed the guesswork in building a custom data model and made it available in turnkey Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution designed to reduce deployment from months to weeks. Just remember a data warehouse is only one piece of the business intelligence pie. A comprehensive business intelligence solution requires multiple systems and highly skilled expertise to deliver the robust features necessary to consolidate, optimize, and visualize the mission-critical data unique to the business and for the NetSuite community. 


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