What Car Dealers Need to Know About GPS Theft Recovery & Security

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Topics: GPS tracking devices, Security, Fleet management  

Transcript Excerpt

Dealers are the most likely to install GPS tracking devices in old or new vehicles. The job of these devices is that helps the dealers keep track of their company’s inventory and help the police with tracking down stolen cars. Through an app, people can see what is going on in their homes, workplace, and even in a room. However, there are people who aren’t authorized for this access, and somehow, they gain access to an individual’s security and privacy data. Hacking is the reason this happens, and it is increasing. Some devices are heavily protected, but some are not. Kudelski IoT helps any company to design, and test connected devices which are to protect their data. The devices that dealers install, some of them were designed to protect the data and the device from being hacked while some didn’t have any protection. With poorly tracking, thieves get access to where individual works, where they live, and even have the location of their kid’s school. There are two GPS tracking devices solutions: one being the traditional solution and the second being the new wireless solution. The first solution, the traditional solution is installed by a dealership technician who connects it to the vehicle’s battery. The first thing found through this is the phone number that the device had used to contact the cellular network. Then the exact location can be given when sending a text message to the device. This is a direct violation of a consumer’s privacy. The other thing discovered is that the hackers can send out a false location via tracker and can disable the GPS tracking devices by messing up the software. If car dealers are selling these devices, then customers will lose trust in them, it becomes a bad PR for the company, sales decrease and liability issues arise. Solution B, the new wireless solution is much more protected. There is strong encryption, the owner of the device only has access to their car, protects from hackers disabling the device, or knows extra information and location is always available. What this means to consumers is that if their car is stolen, they can get it back faster, their privacy, security and safety are protected. For dealers, this means that they won’t have any liability issues and their customers will be satisfied. The three questions that dealers need to ask about vehicle GPS tracking devices before selling to customers are the device is designed for privacy, what is being done to protect it from hackers, and is the company that created it uses external or internal security to test it out. 


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