What AI can’t do. HI can’

Joel Silverstone presents: What AI can’t do. HI can’

A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be starting soon. The summit features technical expertise, including speaker Joel Silverstone from ‘This Feels Right: TFR’and his presentation “What AI can’t do. HI can.” This event will be taking place from 12:30 PM to 2 PM EST, Tuesday, May 11th, 2021.

Joel is the founder of ‘This Feels Right: TFR’ effective communications skills training and coaching. For over 20 years Joel has spoken, trained and coached leaders and their teams to expertly build their awareness and master their confidence for clues and cues in ‘pivotal points’ in business (and in life) conversations. Presenting to Fortune 500 companies and thousands globally, Joel delivers highly engaging and interactive sessions using influencing skills, techniques used by actors, and the use of emotional intelligence awareness and strategies. Joel is the producer and host of ‘This Feels Right: TFR’ Podcast and YouTube channel, influencing and maintaining mutual respect using communication skills. When not presenting, Joel is either a short-order cook for his family or training for his next obstacle course race.

Teams, clients, colleagues and yourself, of course, are sorting through the emotional impact of COVID-19. HI human intelligence skills are going to be vital for collaboration and connection. Do what AI cannot do and master your ability to adapt and pivot. It is your HI – building your emotional awareness, ability to listen for clues and cues, cognitive empathy, and asking the questions that Google cannot answer. This creates meaningful collaboration and genuine connection. When we unconsciously ask others to be ‘mind readers,’ our expectations are not met or understood, so we get frustrated; disappointed. This leads to an escalation of emotions….the project stalls. If you want to influence change, you must shift behaviors – this starts with HI.

Join ‘This Feels Right’ founder, Joel Silverstone, as he shares his interactive presentation where you will:

  • Explore Human Intelligence strategies to collaborate and maintain mutual respect.        
  • Develop 4 steps to effective communication skills to connect and engage.
  • Learn ‘Hollywood Tips’ to have those courageous conversations

AI cannot deepen the relationship or understand the nuances of a question or a statement. Humans can but we need to be better.

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A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be commencing soon. There will be a wealth of great content, including the presentation, ‘What AI can’t do. HI can’ by Joel Silverstone, ‘This Feels Right: TFR’. For anyone interested in AI, HI, Cognitive Empathy, and Communication Skills, this will be a chance to hear advice from a real expert in the field. Visit https://tektube.gaotek.com///conference/summit-attendee/ today to purchase your membership to attend this event.


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