Who Holds The Keys

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  • June 23, 2021
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Who Holds The Keys, When It Comes To Industry 4.0
Introduction: In this video, John Broadbent compares how the industry 4.0 maturity path is similar to the data pyramid. First, he starts with the industry 4.0 maturity path. There are four levels: visibility, contextualize, predictability, and adaptability. Visibility tells what we see. Context gives us a frame of understanding, which is an imperative step. Predictability helps us prepare for what is to come. Adaptability helps us optimized what is occurring or will occur in the business.
Next, he relates this to the data pyramid. The first layer of the pyramid is all about acquiring the data, and he compares this to the seeing level as we saw earlier. The next layer is all about context and transforming the data for consumption. He relates this layer to the understanding level that we discussed previously. He goes through the whole data pyramid and explains it in great detail. Applying this knowledge can increase profits and efficiency.

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