What Is Industry 4.0?

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  • June 1, 2021
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What Is Industry 4.0? | What Are The Key Industry 4.0 Technologies| All Explained In 10 Minutes
Introduction:  In the video from Technology in Short titled “What is Industry 4.0,” the concept of Industry 4.0 is thoroughly examined. Industry 4.0 is an important concept to learn for anyone working in the 20th century. All the large industries today have converted to a digital environment and it’s crucial to keep up with our evolving world.
The term Industry 4.0 was originated from Mr. Klaus Schwab from Germany in 2011. Industrial revolution is defined as the major efficient changes in the manufacturing and industrial processes with new innovative technologies. For example, in the first industrial revolution, industrial machines that were powered by water and steam were introduced. In the second industrial revolution, steel and electricity were implemented into the existing machines. In the third industrial revolution, electronics, automations, and computers were introduced to the manufacturing industry. We are currently in the fourth revolution, where we have cyber-physical systems that allow machines to communicate with each other.
Industry 4.0 connects the physical world to the digital world, which decreases the need for human intervention and involvement. Machines and factories have the capability to think and connect with other machines and factories to communicate. Some key technologies introduced in Industry 4.0 are IoT, advanced robotics, AI, cyber security, and more. Finally, some of the many benefits of implementing Industry 4.0 are safety of workers, cost optimization, and new opportunities.

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Internet Of Things In Industry 4.0

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