What Is A Wireless Sensor Network

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  • May 21, 2021
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What Is A Wireless Sensor Network


A part of MAKERDEMY’s series “Learn Technology in 5 Minutes, this episode, ‘What is a Wireless Sensor Network?’ gives an introduction and overview to wireless sensor networks. MAKERDEMY’s founder, Venkatesh Varadachari, explains what wireless sensor networks are and why they can often be an important part of an IoT solution. When moving from prototypes to application, there is a constrained environment. Some of these constraints include energy constraints, memory limitations, limit processing capability, higher latency in communication, unattended network operation, and unreliable networks. The example given is a Smart City. The project may involve deploying several thousand sensors all over the city which span several miles. Furthermore, the radio network may have an unreliable network, low bandwidth, and budget constraints. Wireless networks can be deployed as a cheaper, more efficient alternative. WSNs use low power wireless sensor nodes. These networks’ nodes relay the data all the way to the gateway, where it is then sent to the Cloud, and then to wired, cellular, or wifi networks. Benefits of a WSN include the cheaper price, reconfiguration abilities, the ability to add and remove sensor networks. Varadachari then explains the components of a wireless sensor network, including the sensor, power modules, micro controller, and radio transceiver.

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Wireless Sensor Networks

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