What Is 3D Bioprinting?

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  • June 30, 2021
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What Is 3D Bioprinting? – The Medical Futurist
Introduction: In the video titled “What Is 3D Bio Printing,” The Medical Futurist presents a video on what 3-D bioprinting is. He first begins by discussing where it started and went. Next, he discusses what bioprinting can mean for the healthcare industry in the future.
He also talks about how in 2014 a company printed the first ever liver tissue showing that this bio printing can be done in the near future for many other organs. They have also done kidneys as well, which have functioned properly. Some other 3-D bio printing companies are looking into printing skin tissue.
Next, he discusses how this bio printing can also help in the near future of testing drugs. First, they would have to see if they would have effects on other humans before human trials. This can help bring these drug products to be used more quickly and be insured that they are safe faster.
Then, he discusses how this 3-D bio printing is extremely fast and can produce organs that are needed and send them overnight to a location. Concluding the video, he discusses where bio printing is and how long it will take till we know it is 100% safe for humans to use. At the end of the video, they leave a Link for their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook account if you would like to get more information
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