Tripod Turnstile Gate

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  • June 7, 2021
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Tripod Turnstile Gate Flap Barrier Gate In Bangladesh
Introduction: In this video from GCTL Security and Automation titled “Tripod Turnstile Gate,” GCTL Security explains the difference between the different turnstiles and how to choose which one to buy for your facility. Turnstiles are usually installed at security desks, government facilities, schools, banks, and more. The turnstiles regulate the stream of people and control the exit and entrance of a facility. It also protects the area from unauthorized personnel to ensure safety. There are many types of turnstiles on the security market such as the tripod, box, elegant speed gates, swing gates, and many more.
The first of many selection criteria to consider is the mounting location. The design and comfort of the turnstile can be optimized by used stainless steel and tempered glass. It is also important for it to be reliable and accessible to those with disabilities. The second criteria point is the passage area arrangement. It is important to have an escape route built into the turnstile in case of emergencies. Wide passage areas are ideal to let people escape quickly, but there are mechanical anti-panic options to ensure the same safety. The third criteria is the level of security. Some facilities need extra security, such as government facilities, so a lock chamber may be ideal as they prevent people from climbing over the stile. Some other turnstiles only allow one person at a time to enter the area, ensuring people are not skipping the card scan or fare. Finally, the fourth criteria is the way of operating. Some facilities need turnstiles that allow authorized personnel to let important people in without a card scan or a fare, so an IP style is ideal here.

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