Top 10 Use Cases Of Location Tracking

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  • May 24, 2021
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Top 10 Use Cases Of Employee Location Tracking Using RTLS


In the video, a list of ten uses of location is provided and elaborated on in order to increase efficiency of safety and operational emergencies. With this technology, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of emergency drills and be able to see errors/ blocks in the drill path. This information will allow you to change the drill plan to be more efficient and minimize hazards.

Location tracking can be used on employees and moving objects out in the field. This will allow for one to be aware of how many employees are in the area and where they are. This feature is key to minimizing work place accidents. In addition, an alert will be sent out to phones to make this information visible to workers who operate the machines.

Another key feature is that employees will be notified when they have been exposed to hazardous conditions and that these people can be put into quarantining to prevent spreading risks.

With this technology, you can even track when people enter and exit a site and help guide guests to the easiest path to navigate through the site!


10 ways to increase safety and operational efficiency with employee location tracking. Optimize mustering time. Significantly reduce the time it takes to complete mustering with instant evacuation list and real-time updates for those unaccounted for.

Ensure the fastest possible response to employee injury. In case of emergencies, know the exact location of affected personnel and dramatically reduce the time necessary to rescue them. Equip employees with man-down features and panic buttons on their tags that ensure immediate response.

Improve emergency drills through analysis. Real-life historical visualization data of employee movement during emergency drills will help you validate current evacuation routes and eliminate any blockers.

Increase safety by creating a people-aware environment. By tracking your employees, as well as moving objects, you can prevent fatal injuries by enabling automatic alerts to drivers when people enter their operational zone.

Ensure an immediate response to health and safety risks with sensors. Employees’ tags can be equipped with sensors that instantly alert them via display or mobile device when they’ve been exposed to an unhealthy or risky environment so that they can seek immediate assistance.

Employ smarter faster quarantining to limit the spread of infections. Save lives and keep mission-critical operations running at all times by limiting the spread of serious respiratory infections, particularly transmissible in indoor settings. Monitor which employees have come into contact with an infected person and employ selective quarantining to reduce transmission.

Maximize machine-human collaboration with an interactive smartwatch. Improve operational efficiency by tracking the arrival of your AGVs at their appropriate location and sending the nearest tracked employee a message via their smartwatch of the required action. The employee can then register completion of the action through the smartwatch so that the AGV moves on to its next location.

Automate enforcement of restricted area rules by using geofencing to set an unlimited number of virtual zones around your facility you can enable the automatic triggering of a desired response when a tracked tag enters or leaves a zone.

Protect and guide visitors with smart indoor navigation. Guide visitors to their destination on-site via the shortest and safest route possible, either through wristband watch, or a tag on their safety vest. Leverage people flow analytics to optimize efficiency. Use people flow heat maps and spaghetti diagrams to visualize patterns and display analytics of indoor movement, as well as interaction of people and objects in your facility.

If you’re looking for ways to dramatically increase the safety of your employees, while also boosting operational efficiency, then SEWIO RTLS is your go-to real-time indoor location solution!

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