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  • June 12, 2021
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SureTraceID UK
: In the video titled “Sure TraceID”, Vision ID, an empowering enterprise intelligence company, gives a presentation on their RFID Sure TraceID system that can help keep all your employees stay safe during the covid-19 pandemic.
These RFID (radio frequency identification) can send audible alerts when 2m is broken to ensure social distancing. It also comes with an automated digital tracking log to make contact tracing easier. These lightweight small bands have an ultra-wide band technology. These have an accuracy as close as 10-20cm, making them more accurate than some wireless technology such as Bluetooth.
Social distancing guidelines can be change from 2m to 1m when social distancing is lowered.  Violations of social distancing can be seen in the digital tracking log on a secure network showing exactly who violated the distancing and how many times.
All data from violations and contact tracing is collected and is kept on premise or in the digital tracking log cloud.  All of this is under the employee at Vision ID and is available for support at any time. They then conclude the video with a link to Vison ID to get more information on the Sure TraceID and other products.

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