Super Tiny Longlife GPS

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  • June 2, 2021
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Super Tiny Longlife GPS Tracker For Pets And Asset Tracking

Super Tiny Longlife GPS Tracker For Pets And Asset Tracking


Ravi Pujar, CEO & Founder of Valetron Systems, shows you a GPS tracker in “Super Tiny Longlife GPS”.

This GPS tracker allows you to track assets and pets using batteries in both a laptop and your pet’s collar. You will never have to worry about losing your pet again.

To effectively use trackers to connect to your laptop, the tracker and laptop must be small, not too thin, and not have many parts that are not needed. The place to put your tracker in the laptop should be roughly the same size as the laptop.

There are several types of trackers such as SE868K3, SE868K7, MMA8652 and SIM800C.

In addition, there are two connecting parts of the trackers which include connection and charging input.

A diagram also presents different battery parts for the trackers. These parts include microphones, speakers, analog inputs, digital inputs, and more.

Once the battery connects, data such as time, server time, and more will show up on the system. You can also use Bluetooth and Google Cloud for the data.

Visit the Valetron website, Embeddedadvice website, or Raviyp’s blog for more information. You can also contact Ravi at This video is provided by Ravi Pujar of Valetron Systems.


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