SRF’s Take On IoT

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  • June 3, 2021
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SRF’s Take On IoT: Developing An Automation Oriented Mindset

In the video titled “SRF’s Take On IoT,” Bimal Puri ,VP & CIO of SRF Ltd. (Technical Textiles Business), gives a Born Digital presentation on his own company SRF, opinion on (IoT) the Internet of Things, and the developing and automation-oriented mindset. Puri provides information on IoT and what it brings to their business.
Some of the benefits of IoT discuss consist of Realtime and accurate KPI tracking, which is the largest benefit from this platform for them. Puri then elaborates on how they use the data from IoT to enhance their efficiency. Then he discusses the reimagining manufacturing on a digital/ covid canvas. 
He elaborates on what he has to do to help the system operate at its full potential, enabling his company to function more efficiently with a lower operating cost. He emphasizes that linking everything with this Altizon platform can help tremendously with efficiency. He also goes into detail about how the system works within his company. The video then concludes with an email, twitter account, and URL to provide more information for customers to get in contact with an Altizon employee.

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