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  • June 16, 2021
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Phlipton Smart WiFi Video Door Bell With Live App View
Introduction: This video titled “Smart WiFi Video DoorBell” by Phlipton Automation Solutions shows Phlipton’s Smart WiFi Video Doorbell with live app view and chime. Phlipton Automation is one of India’s fastest growing Smart Home and Industrial Automation providers.
The speaker first shows the Smart Wifi Doorbell’s packaging. The package includes a user manual, the wall mount, and the ringer key or video doorbell key. To listen to the doorbell sound, place the ringer into your indoor plug. The package also contains the WiFi video doorbell head, which includes the camera.
The package also comes with screws, an allen key for wall mount, a screwdriver, and two 18000mah batteries. First, screw in the wall mount into the wall where you would like to fit the camera. After mounting, the camera is easy to fit in and remove from the wall mount. If an unauthorized person touches it, it generates a notification, which is automatically sent to your phone. You can adjust sensitivity and the PIR sensor will send a notification if someone passes through the Doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, it will make a call to the registered phone number and the image on the camera will load. There are two-way communication capabilities. There are also video and photo recording abilities.

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