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  • May 23, 2021
  • 0 – Smart And Real-Time Condition Monitoring Platform For Rotating Machines


In the video titles “Smart And Real-Time Condition Monitoring Platform For Rotating Machines” provided by the reputable company, Raviteja Valluri and Surya Penmetsa, the Co-Founders of, describe the main goal of the company and how they reduce losses. Their purpose is to monitor the industrial machines and make sure they are in good shape. This helps to keep the machines working effectively and efficiently. The two speakers provide data about the losses experienced from unscheduled downtime and the percentages of what causes this to occur.

 Then, details of the product architecture are thoroughly provided, which include hardware, software, and data problems.  Finally, they provide the benefits of their product and desires for the future. The benefits include that it’s cost effective, high speed, flexible, working in real time, and produced in high numbers. This product allows one to view the information on a mobile app and a customized web app.

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