Smart Metering In India M2M

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  • May 23, 2021
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Smart Metering In India – M2M Based Metering Solution By Xenius


In the video titled “Smart Metering In India M2M” by the company Xenius, the inefficiency of power distribution in India, such as the bundles of wire and high percentages of losses, is first explained.

To fix this issue in a noninvasive manner, the video proposes only changing the system. This means all the prior meters, machines, and infrastructure is nearly untouched. This will provide real time data and real time energy audits. You can even see all this on mobile apps and have prepayment options!

This machine-to-machine metering technology will be placed on the distribution substation, the transformer, the poles, and the meters of consumers. With just these four locations, the technology will be able to read the data in real time and provide increased efficiency in these areas.

The function of this system is depicted through an animation in addition to a voiceover to narrate what is occurring. Finally, the benefits of the use of this system are supported by discussing parts of India that are currently using this system. It is emphasized that all this information can be visible through a mobile app. This allows easy access to crucial information in an easy format.

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