Smart IoT Solution For Insurance Companies

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  • June 2, 2021
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This video titled “Smart IoT Solution For Insurance Companies,” produced by Solution Analysts discusses how IoT and CT (cognitive technology) can help insurance companies. In the presentation, they have detailed slides of each topic that is going to be covered. They then go on to discuss the best parts of CT and its ability to cover the three main aspects of any industry (Product, analysis, and process).
CT can help B2B and B2C run smoother, aiding in optimizing flow. They then go into detail on the advantages of CT and AI in various fields. Then, the video explains CIoT, a shortcut for (Cognitive Internet of Things), and what it can offer to the incurrence industry.
The video then presents a list of the straight benefits of cognitive technology, one being enhanced organizational performance. The advantages of CT and AI in the retail industry and how they help with feedback and complaints are explained.
Going into the finance and banking industry, they discuss the advantages of CT and AI. Another industry they discuss is the healthcare and medical industry in addition to CT and AI. They then conclude the presentation with a URL to contact Solution Analysts for more information.

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