Smart City Parking System Residential

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  • July 3, 2021
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Smart City Parking System In Residential
Introduction: In this video from SMART Parking titled “Smart City Parking System Residential,” the parking system installed in England is explored. Cardiff is introducing Europe’s first city-wide deployment of bay sensor technology that is transforming the parking experience of Welsh.
Many people are using cars in Europe and the number is only growing, so an innovative solution like this will benefit the majority of the population and have many long-term benefits. The city’s population is also rapidly growing and by 2026, it is predicted to grow between 14-19%.
Air quality has been a concern for SMART Parking, so with this solution, drivers will spend less time driving to look for parking spots, therefore, reducing air pollution. The ground-based sensors use infrared technology to see if a vehicle is present in a spot. Over 3000 RFID-equipped vehicle sensors are to be installed by Cardiff as well. Information about availability will be available to drivers on signs as they get close to destinations. The app will also guide the drivers to their destination, give locations of other available spots, display the fees, and will finally guide the driver to the spot. The sensor data is connected through the internet and sent to the offices by a powerful back-end system.

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