RFID Vehicle Access Control

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  • June 4, 2021
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RFID Vehicle Access Control


This video by Rosslare Electronics India shows their RFID Vehicle Access Control/Parking Management System. The UHF long range reader and tags are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. The purpose of the system is to have automated access for vehicles. The reader is able to read the tag that is installed in the windshield of the car and will open the gate automatically for authorized tags. The system also allows for the owner and driver to see how full the parking lot is at any given time. The system requirements include the UHF long range reader, IP controller, UHF tags/cards, and software – all from Rosslare. The AC-215IP IP controller can connect to two RFID readers at a time and can be used for entering and exiting out of the parking lot. In order for the system to properly function, there are other system requirements, including a mounting pole (L or 1 Shape – Diameter 3-4 inch), cables (Reader to Controller – 4 Core), more cables (controller to PC- TCP/IP Cable) and a PC. The video then walks through the installation and setup process, including tag installation, reader installation, registration process, process flow, CCTV integration, reports, and Bluetooth options.

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