RFID Based Electronic Voting System

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  • June 4, 2021
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RFID Based Electronic Voting System


This video by Robotech Shop shows a student project of an RFID-based electronic voting system. The video first goes into an introduction of the components, including the main microcontroller, an LCD display, an RFID reader, and an LED display. There are four push switches, three of which are for candidates and the last one is for the results. Explained next is how to use the system. Firstly, the RFID cards need to be authorized before voting. If the card is put up to the reader without being authorized, the LED display goes red and says “unauthorized”. Next, two cards are authorized to show how it works. When someone wants to vote, they show their RFID card to the system, the words “please place your vote” are displayed, and that person can now click one of the three candidate switches. The display shows “Candidate 2 – vote submitted” once the switch is pressed. If that same person tried to vote again with their card, it would be unauthorized. The video then walks through a second person voting. Lastly, the results switch is pressed, and the display shows the number of votes each of the three candidates received and which candidate won.

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