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  • June 7, 2021
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Retail Traffic Counters People Counting Systems
Introduction: In this video from GCTL Security and Automation titled “Retail Traffic Counters,” GCTL Security introduces their product called the Footfall Cam. First, the concept of 3D stereo vision technology is covered and how it works. Humans use their eyes to identify depth perception into our vision and FootfallCam is using the same idea. Footfall Cam generates a depth map for better counting accuracy.
This product can be used in many companies and industries. For example, in retail and grocery stores, the Footfall Cam can detect and count the number of people in the store, even when evaluating and analyzing a large number of people in a crowded space. This increases the accuracy of the product and is then proven to be very reliable and an efficient solution for many industries and companies.
In some less efficient solutions, the shadows of people are counted as extra customers, however, the Footfall Cam eliminates this error and does not over count due to shadows. Sometimes, other cameras or low-quality solutions count any moving object as an additional person in the store. The Footfall Cam also avoids counting any other moving objects like trolleys into the number of people in the store and focuses on counting only the people.

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