Raw Material Inventory Management

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  • June 16, 2021
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Raw Material Inventory Management
Introduction: In this video from the company Deyako Knowledge Ware titled “Raw Material Inventory Management”, a set of inventory management forms are shared, as well as, their easy-to-use system and how to control the databases.
Deyako has provided users with a spreadsheet that consists of several useful and easy-to-use forms that make it simple to manage company inventory. Some of these forms include the In-Out-From form, the recipe, usage report, dashboard, reorders database, withdraw database, product list, usage database, and many more.
Most of these forms are controlled when the In-Out-From is edited. For example, to place a reorder, the order can be placed in the In-Out-From form and can be tracked or viewed in the reorder database. This is almost identical when withdrawing inventory in the In-Out-From form. The inventory form includes the materials, units, current balance, reorder point, and status. The usage report is useful to manage how much of the inventory is actually used, as well as how much is wasted in the ordering and withdrawal process.
All these forms include useful equations to calculate any expense with simple inputs like weight and type of material is needed. It is easy to use with its useful features, like clearing and resetting the page with a simple click of a button. There are many other useful features and forms that can be explored in the video.


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