Puzzle Car Parking System

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  • July 5, 2021
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Puzzle Car Parking System
Introduction: In this video from Arihant titled “Puzzle Car Parking System,” the advanced parking system is introduced and demonstrated through an animation. The parking system has two levels and 5 platforms to start with. There are three platforms on top and two on the bottom.
First, the platforms are arranged so that the first car can park on it. Once the car is situated on a platform, the rest of the platforms adjust themselves to allow there to be space for the newly vacated platform to travel to the second level. After this, the platforms adjust themselves once again to prepare for the next car. This means some of the ones on the second level move down, the lower ones move to the side, and more. The next car soon parks in the available platform and that one is adjusted around the other platforms to move to the second level. Now, the third car will be the last car on the second level, so the platforms are moved accordingly. Once the third car parks on the platform, it is moved to the second platform, and now the system focusses on parking the two other cars on the first level. Finally, the two last cars are parked on the lower level and the system is full.

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