Pair DS3678 2D Barcode Scanner With Computer

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  • May 27, 2021
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How To Scan, Connect And Pair DS3678 2D Barcode Scanner With Computer
Hey guys, this is Prakash Gupta from Techno Sauce. Today we’re gonna just show you the Zebra LS 3578 and DS 3578 which have been discontinued now and there’s a newer model release which is DS 3678. So we’ll today show you how it operates with the barcode scanning and how these are connected etc.

Okay it comes with a scanner cradle and the power supply, and this power supply has to be connected with the USB cable on the computer, and there’s a power jack in here which connects with the scanner and there is an RJ45 kind of connection which goes inside, and that’s how it is sitting perfectly in. So now we’re gonna show you how to connect this scanner with your computer and pair it and also do the barcode scanning. So this is the USB cable that needs to be connected and it goes at the back of the connection, and then you need to pair the scanner with the barcode which is on the cradle, and once you scan the barcode, put it in the cradle and it makes it small beep noise and that means it is paired. Now you are ready to do the barcode scanning. Lift it up and scan the barcode. You can see there is a green light when you scan the barcode, that means this barcode is good. If I try to scan it from the distance it doesn’t do it because it has a distance of about 45 centimeters for the 2D or QR holes and about 60 centimeters for the 1D linear ports and there’s also direct part barcode which you can do and you make sure that you aim it in the middle; the dot should be in the middle so that it scans. So this is a standard range scanner but there is an extended range scanner as well and also another model, which is an HD model, and you can capture the images as well as pictures, etc from the screen or actually from the computer itself.

So DS 3678 comes in IP65 rating which means dustproof and waterproof and that’s an in all of the models. So DX 3678 also comes in the high-performance model which is DS 3678 at HP and you can scan OCR documents and images with the HP model as well. So you can decide which one you’re looking for in DS 3678 HP, you can also scan the barcodes from a longer distance rather than a standard 45 to 60 centimeters. It does scan much longer than that. So to know more about DS 3678 scanners you can log on to our website us on 1300 300 344, and we should be able to assist you there. Thank you!

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