Monitor A Child’s Location

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  • June 12, 2021
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Versionx Entry Point: Monitor A Child’s Location At The School
In the video titled “Monitor a Child’s Location,” VersionX Entry Point uses animations to promote their child monitoring system. With the use of animations, they show how the system operates on a school premise.
They start off by showing an animated child that has a UHF take that is embedded within their uniform. Critical areas in the school are marked with reader around the campus. Some of these areas may include the classroom, library, swimming pool, and restricted area. All the readers send data to the VersionX Cloud. The management system that is run on a laptop or desktop can find out where the child’s last seen location was in a few second.
They then show an animation of a child being detected by the UHF reader then that data being sent to the cloud showing the location of that child. An animation of a child being scanned in a restricted area and the signals being sent to the VersiomX cloud system is provided as well. VersionX Entry Point then concludes the child monitoring system animation video with a phone number, email, and a link to get more information about the system.

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