Lecture 1: Introduction To WSN

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  • May 7, 2021
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Lecture 1: Introduction To WSN


Introduction to Internet and WSN, Talha Ibn Aziz, Lecturer at the Department of CSE at IUT, explains a short introduction of the course and an overview of the course’s outcome-based learning goals and the topics that will be covered. The different levels of learning outcomes include the program outcomes or student learning outcomes, the course learning outcomes, chapter learning outcomes, and section or topic learning outcomes. These outcomes describe what skills, knowledge, and behaviors will be learned throughout the course. The first topic that will be presented is an introduction to wireless networks. Furthermore, wireless access networks, wireless mesh networks, and personal area networks including WSN (wireless sensor networks) and Bluetooth will also be covered. The next topic that will be introduced is wireless MAC protocols, including IEEE 802.11, 802.11e, 802.11n, different WSN protocols, and so on. Wireless routing, including various metrics and methods used in routing and protocols of different area networks (PAN, WAN, etc.) will be demonstrated as well. Wireless transport protocols that will be covered include Wireless TCP and its variants, congestion control, and how these protocols provide quality of service (QoS). References that may be followed are ‘Wireless Communications and Networks’ by William Stallings and ‘IEEE 802 Wireless Systems’ by B.H. Walke.

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