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  • May 24, 2021
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KIO RTLS A UWB-Based Indoor Location System Introduction By Eliko


In the video titled “KIO RTLS” produced by Eliko, precise positioning and common position technologies are compared to one another. It is addressed how this type of technology is crucial in many diverse work fields such as manufacturing, warehouse management, and sports tracking.

Next, the KIO real time location technology is detailed, specifically providing information on its accuracy and how it works. Kio Real time location technology is compared to working like a GPS, providing a familiar technology to help understand the real time location technology. The video also states that Kio RLTS needs a minimum of four anchors in an area and  a tracker on the object to work.

This technology is also compared to common positioning technologies, which tend to be less reliable in complex situations due to its short readability distance and need for a straight line of sight to accurately measure. To conclude, the website to find this system is provided. The company that provided this video, Eliko is based out of Estonia. It is a company that focuses on embedded electronics and software. There focus is the Internet of Things.


Precise positioning plays an essential role in a range of industries such as manufacturing, warehouse management, and sports tracking. However, common positioning technologies rely on a clear line-of-sight, are notoriously sensitive to interference, or only have a measurement accuracy of 2 to 15 meters; not good enough for sophisticated operations.

The KIO real-time location system uses ultra-wideband technology to pass through obstacles and track any object with an accuracy of 30 centimeters. KIO works sort of like an indoor GPS by extrapolating positioning data with a system of anchors and tacks. Mount a minimum of 4 anchors to define a tracking area and attach a tag to anything you need to track. Raw data from the anchors is fed to a server which calculates the real-time position of a given object and outputs it as XYZ coordinates through a standard open API.

KIO technology is constantly finding its way into new applications. To test out the system in your particular use case visit

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