IoT Industries

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  • June 2, 2021
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In this video titled “IoT Industries” from Mobiloitte, a series of slides are shared to explore the industry verticals and how different industries utilize IoT. 
The telecom industry has faced many challenges due to security threats and increased OPEX, but data analysis should efficiently improve its future. Some of the business challenges are security and theft, tight SLA, and more. Mobiloitte shares some solutions for the industry, including fuel management and asset tracking.
The healthcare industry uses IoT common platforms to provide better insight and manage patients. Some of the business challenges include remote monitoring, current data, and work efficiency. Some of the many solutions for this industry are ambulance tracking and reminder services.
Another industry that will drastically improve with the incorporation of IoT in the manufacturing industry. Some of the common business challenges here are current data analytics, productivity, efficiency, and health safety. Mobiloitte has shared some solutions to this industry like EHS management and machine downtime.
There are many other industries that benefit from IoT including utility, retail, transportation, agriculture, real estate, education, home automation, hospitality, healthcare and R&D, life sciences, and biotechnology. Each of these industries has many business challenges, but Mobiloitte presents many innovative solutions to overcome them with the use of IoT.

IoT In Automotive Industry

IoT Industries V1 | Mobiloitte

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