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  • June 2, 2021
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IoT In Automotive Industry – Digital Transformation Trends In Auto Component Manufacturing Process


In this video from Altizon titled “IoT in Automotive Industry,” the automotive digital transformation is explored in depth through an animation. 
With the digital transformation of the automotive industry, CBM and energy management is improved drastically. Using the Datonis MInt software, product barcodes can be scanned to receive data and useful information on it. The product will also be tracked throughout the manufacturing process to update its status to users with the software. After crucial steps in manufacturing parts, users can then access energy consumption analytics from the process.
The online KANBAN statistics are also impacted by this transformation. The Datonis MInt software notifies users if there is a deficiency of certain products by scanning their barcodes. If a worker is not qualified to work in a certain area of the factory, the software notifies the users which region is being accessed by an underqualified worker. Any human errors in manufacturing are also notified to the worker to prevent faults. 
Productivity can also be improved. Productivity reports for products can be accessed by scanning their barcodes. 
Product and process traceability will be influenced as well. Workers can receive traceability analysis on products to complete safety tests.
Altizon highlights that analytics will drive business intelligence. Many useful data and reports can be accessed through the transformation, like loss analysis and interplant key insights.

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