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  • June 2, 2021
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In this video from Mobiloitte titled “IoT At A Glance Mobiloitte,” a sequence of slides regarding the use of IoT at the company is shown. 
IoT, standing for the Internet of Things, has become a very relevant topic in today’s technological world and has evolved along with our innovations. Mobiloitte, according to their sales projections, predicts that IoT sales will reach around 1.3 trillion dollars in 2019.
There are many industry stakeholders such as businesses, customers, employees, owners, and managers. These stakeholders have numerous business challenges like making decisions solely based on data and exchanging information. Mobiloitte has four key areas to tackle these challenges and create efficient solutions. These four areas are decision analytics, autonomous systems, information systems, and marketing automation.
Specifically, Mobiloitte has created enterprise mobility solutions for IoT like process optimization and systems that perform autonomously. These solutions prioritize the consumption of resources and efficiently analyze data.
Further, their customer experience mobility solutions include analytics as a service and more. They perform actions solely based on data, RFID-driven tracking, and more.
Mobiloitte also has many connected mobility solutions including fitness tracking and wearable technology. These innovative solutions collect and analyze fitness data efficiently, and provide apps on their wearable devices.

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