IoT Adoption By Industry

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  • June 2, 2021
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IoT Adoption By Industry – Challenges, Features, And Opinions – IoT Webinar | Peggy Smedley Show


In this video titled “IoT Adoption By Industry,” speakers on the Peggy Smedley show thoroughly discuss about the Internet of Things and if there are limitations to the industry based on the size and the vertical market. This video includes speaker Peggy Smedley, the host of the show with a strong background IoT and technology, and Vinay Nathan, the CEO of the well-established company Altizon.  
Peggy Smedley and Vinay Nathan detail the limitations of IoT and the main challenge people are facing. This main challenge is the quality of the data. The quality of data is a major challenge because there is not much history behind researching the data. Vinay explains that collecting data at an earlier stage is critical to being accurate with it because in one or two years of collecting data you can be more precise.

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