How Parking System Works

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  • July 3, 2021
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How Parking System Works
Introduction: In this video from SmartParking Systems titled “How Parking System Works,” SmartParking Systems introduces their advanced parking system to save time and increase user satisfaction. The smart parking system is an innovative parking management technology that is easy to use, as well as, easy to follow. This allows one to cut down time on finding a parking spot and pay any parking fees required. It analyzes activities and processes related to the parking as well.
An app is also available for users to easily use and efficiently find available parking spots, navigate themselves to the spot, and eventually park. The app also accepts payments for any parking fees from common banking cards like Visa, Debit, Credit, and many more. These payments of course can also be done with the parking meters outside to accept cash and coins and cards mentioned before.
The system offers two phases: data acquisition and data management. In the first phase, sensors and cameras communicate one’s parking status in real time and delivers information to the system if a car is present in a parking spot. In phase 2, the economic data and activity data are always available for users to manage and analyze. With these amazing features, the parking system is innovative and an efficient solution to finding parking spots.

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