Connecting Barcode Scanner With Android Phone

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  • May 27, 2021
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Connecting Barcode Scanner With Android Phone | Allmark
Introduction: This video titled “Connecting Barcode Scanner With Android Phone” by Allmark Device Integrations Private Limited shows the step-by-step process of connecting a barcode scanner with an Android mobile phone.
The kit in the video comes with a barcode scanner, a USB A-B cable, a USB dongle, and a user manual. The first step to connect the scanner to the Android phone is to turn on bluetooth in the settings of the Android mobile. Next, turn on the scanner and scan the “factory default” barcode. Next, under the communication mode section of the user manual, scan the “bluetooth HID mode” barcode. The next step is to long press the “trigger” for 8 seconds or until the LED turns from a green to a blue color. When the scanner is ready to add, the LED will flash blue. Then, open the bluetooth settings once again on the Android and select the barcode scanner HID to pair. It may take a few seconds for a message to pop up on the Android. Once a message appears, select “pair”. The device is now paired. Then open any notepad or any text editor. You are now able to scan any barcode, and the data will instantly be transferred to the Android mobile device.

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