Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester

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  • June 22, 2021
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Introducing RTX2254 Bluetooth Low Energy RF tester – RTX A/S
Introduction: In the video titled “Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester,” RTX produces their RTX 2254 Bluetooth low energy RF tester system. They begin with identifying what mods can be used with this Bluetooth low energy RF system such as direct test mode or advertising mode. They then mentioned that the ideal use for Bluetooth low energy products testing is in the manufacturing environments.
This RTX Bluetooth system allows users to perform test of key RF parameters stated in the video. RTXs’ Bluetooth low energy RF tester is supported with 4.0-5.1 Bluetooth versions. Throughout the entire video they show scientist and business owners using the RTX 2254 Bluetooth low energy RF testing system. This shows that it can be used in various settings. Throughout the video, they show the system to show all areas of the Bluetooth device showing people plugging in outlets and displaying the boxed system. RTX then concludes a video with a few more pictures of the actual Bluetooth low energy tester system and then a link to contact sales for more information on the Bluetooth product.
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