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  • June 22, 2021
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BLE Application Tech Review – Rosslare Security
In the video titled “BLE Application,” Mickey Markovits, global tech support director, discuses Rosslare’s Security BLE Application. He reviews the Rosslare’s BLE-ID application, BLE-Admin Application, B-covertor tool, supported readers, and gives live demo.
He begins with going over the BLE application and on what platforms it can operated on. Next, he has a list of all the readers and terminals that are supported with the BLE application system. Then Mickey disuses the BLE-ID system and what its capabilities are. He also discusses the way the BLE-ID system can operate. He then presents four mobile devices showing how the BLE-ID Application looks and is used. Then Markovits talks about the BLE Admin and how the system runs. Next, he discusses the B- Convertor tool along with what formats are supported with it. Then, Mickey gives a live demo of the application.
In the live demo, he uses a mobile device to show how the application works. He gives an in-depth description of every part of the application to show exactly how the application should be operated. Mickey Markovits then conclude the video with some parting words as well as a website and an email address.

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