Automation For Curtains And Blinds

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  • June 16, 2021
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BuildTrack Automation For Curtains And Blinds
Introduction: This video titled “Automation For Curtains And Blinds” by BuildTrack Smart Automation shows BuildTrack’s EzCURTAIN automation solution for curtains and blinds. The system allows for complete control through remotes and switches, control through smartphone / tablet, intelligent functioning, and multiple curtains / blinds to be connected to one remote.
Curtains and blinds are controlled with the wall-mounted EzSWITCH. Curtains can also be controlled with the handheld EzREMOTE. The EzSWITCH and EzREMOTE both have control options for both sheer and blackout curtains.
Curtains can also be controlled with the EzControl Application, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores. The video walks through the process of opening and closing curtains using all three of the control options, the EzSWITCH, the EzREMOTE, and the EzControl Application. The curtains or blinds can be opened or closed completely or partially.
The motors on the EzCURTAIN are silent and allow for smooth movement of the curtains or blinds, creating a peaceful yet efficient experience and operating system for the user. The EzCURTAIN can be installed in both home and office settings. BuildTrack’s automation system can also be extended to projection screens and mounts for use in home theatres or conference rooms.

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