Asset Tracking System

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  • May 30, 2021
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Asset Tracking System


In “Asset Tracking System,” NevonProjects goes over the IoT asset tracking system in great detail through a demo station.

You can track numerous assets and people as they move through many parts of any indoor setting. This technology makes asset tracking much easier compared to manually doing things. You don’t have to worry about losing items or not knowing where your employees are, either.

The entire process of setting asset tracking up is done through transferred and receiver circuits. There are two circuits named Room 1 and Room 2. These “rooms” ensure that item details will show up online.

When you connect the two circuits, “Connecting to Wifi” and “Scanning for Devices,” screens will appear on the receiver circuit kits. In addition, you must turn on the trackers for the screen to show “Circuit *number*.” You’ll know it’s working when you receive those signals.

In addition, a “Room 1 Room 2” diagram is on the system where you can see whether an asset is in Room 1 or Room 2. For example, if you want to know if a doctor and a machine are in the same room, you will no longer have to walk over to verify the information. This system shows it all.

This video is provided by NevonProjects.


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