A New Fashionable UHF Reader

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  • June 17, 2021
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A New Fashionable UHF Reader
Introduction: This video titled “A New Fashionable UHF Reader” from CILICO, the CILICO IOT800 UHF reader is shown. The CILICO IOT800 is a new fashionable UHF cloud Wi-Fi scanner / reader. The reader is equipped with RFID, barcode, and bluetooth connection functions, as well as a 2.0” touch screen. The product has a 20-60 cm UHG reading distance.
The product is ideal for jewelry showcases, couture stores, bookstores, etc. For jewelry showcases, the IOT800 UHF reader helps with store intelligence management through inventory checks and anti-theft protocols. For couture stores, the IOT800 has integrated barcode scanning and RFID reading and sales assistance and store inventory.  For bookstores, the IOT800 reader has integrated 1D/ 2D barcode scanning and helps for efficiency improvement.
The 2.0” touch screen on the IOT800 UHF reader helps visualize operations and improves work efficiency. The customized boot logo helps to improve brand images. The IOT800 UHF reader can be used easily in inventory or POS industries.

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