Wireless 2.4GHZ Handheld Barcode Scanner

Wireless 2.4GHZ Handheld Gun Type Barcode Scanner With Long Range: EV-DA5(2D-CMOS)
Introduction: This video, “Wireless 2.4GHZ Handheld Gun Type Barcode Scanner with Long Range: EV-DA5(2D-CMOs),” shows the Wireless 2.4 GHz Handheld Gun Barcode Scanner made by EVAWGIB Shenzhen Dalang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. EVAWGIB is a leading manufacturer of QR code and barcode scanners in China.
The video first walks through the bluetooth transmission mode of the scanner and shows step-by-step the process of scanning a provided set-up barcode, locating the device in the bluetooth settings on a mobile device, and connecting the barcode scanner to that mobile device. The video then shows how the device instantly transfers data to a mobile phone when a barcode is scanned with the barcode reader and how the data shows up in a list order on the mobile device. The reader is able to instantly and seamlessly scan different types of QR and barcodes. The video then shows the 2.4G wireless transmission capabilities onto a laptop or desktop computer. Lastly, the video shows the USB wired transmission capabilities of the barcode scanner, which can also instantly read and transfer the barcode data on your mobile device or computer.

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