Vision For Imagination- Hikrobot Machine Vision

Vision For Imagination- Hikrobot Machine Vision
This video summarizes the services and features of a global manufacturer and supplier of
machine vision called Hikrobot. These products are applied to 3C electronics, electronic
semiconductors, automobiles, logistics, and other industrial automation fields. These Hikrobot
products contain visual positioning and guiding, measurement, defect detection, code reading,
and OCR implemented. Other products to defeat the market include industrial line scan
cameras, area scan cameras, smart cameras, 3D cameras, vision software platforms, and
lenses. Multiple interfaces such as Gige, 10Gige, USB 3.0, Cameralink, CoaPress 6, and
CoaPress 12. Hikrobot uses innovative 3D integrated circuit technology and cables are laid in a
three-dimensional way with plugs removed to get more surface area. Introducing the ID200
which connects to automated machines and the heat control system. The heat dissipation
performance improves the efficiency of the power module. The Id series are also equipped with
light source controllers and indicators all around which can also be changed as per your vision.

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