Supply Chain Warehouse Design

Supply Chain: Warehouse Design – Open Model
Introduction: In this video titled “Supply Chain Warehouse Design,” Venkadesh Narayanan from CSCP talks about the basics of the supply chain and its warehouse design. The major functions of the supply chain are receiving, storage, and shipping.
The warehouse has a supply side and demand side, and both of these sides have certain variabilities. For example, on the supply side, production disturbances can affect the performance of the side. Similarly, the change in customer demand is also a large variable on the demand side. The main goal is to absorb the shock from the supply chain as well.
The warehouse design is complex and includes many categories. The product branches out into the value, nature and further branches out into IT, medicine, and more. The flow is another category that can be branched into volume and frequency. Other categories include supplies, cost of operations, capital expenditure, and storage level. The other sections of categories include some important variables, as well, like the local condition, safety, insurance, transportation, security of labor, maintenance, and even the storage, shipping, and receiving areas. All these categories are explored more in depth in this video by Narayanan.

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