Smart Phone Handheld PDA 2D QR Barcode Scanner

Android 8.14g Smartphone Handheld PDA 2D QR Barcode Scanner Mobile Data Terminal
Introduction: In the video titled “Smart Phone Handheld PDA 2D QR Barcode Scanner,” a demonstration of how to use the barcode scanner is provided. The features of the device are shown, along with how to upkeep the device in good condition. The video shows you where the Type-C interface, scan button, home button, and power button are located. The demonstration also shows you where the scan window, scan button, as well as where the volume button is located.
Furthermore, the device has a NFC Card Reading Area as well as a TF Card Slot and SIM Card Slot, which is located under the battery on the back of the device. There are different settings and networks that you can connect to. In addition, it comes with a special charging base to charge the battery on the barcode scanner.

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