Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics With Visual Goods Tracking
Introduction: In this video from AXIS Communications titled “Smart Logistics,” the benefits of AXIS’s smart logistics solution for the manufacturing industry are highlighted in an informative animation. Before the smart logistics were incorporated, manufacturing companies were required to track products independently. Checkpoints were created around the factory to track the process, including when it was packaged, handled, and shipped. Although security cameras were installed, they were not very efficient if a customer were to file for a claim. Sometimes, missing or damaged products were shipped, resulting in customers filing for claims. Because of this, the company uses the security footage to track where any discrepancies occurred, but was proven to be challenging and took many hours.
AXIS’s innovative system includes smart logistics, a third-party logistics company, with HD cameras that track the goods and monitor their manufacturing process. Products are given individual IDs to easily track and are constantly monitored by the HD cameras in the system. If a claim were to be filed by a customer, simply inputting the product ID will provide the company with footage of the product’s experience in the factory to conclude where the mistakes occurred. It also reduces the number of claims filed and resources spent on solving these claims.


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