RFID With Supply Chain

RFID With Supply Chain – VisionID Technologies
Introduction : This video from VisionID Ireland covers RFID across the manufacturing supply chain. VisionID specializes in RFID, barcode, wireless networks, ATEX, mobile computing, and more. VisionID explains how integrating RFID can be used as an effective tool to help optimize your manufacturing supply chain. RFID uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag.
The video covers three benefits of RFID. The first benefit is that RFID effectively tracks your assets. The second benefit is RFID helps in reducing the time your company holds onto stock. The third benefit is that RFID helps monitor the status and condition of a product in the supply chain.
Next, the video covers how RFID is integrated into the supply chain. The video walks through a demo of material being unloaded from a truck, the manufacturing process, and packaging and shipping process, all while the material/product is being monitored and tracked in real-time with RFID. If there is an issue with any asset, RFID is able to instantly capture and report this issue to you in real-time so that the problem can be fixed efficiently and in a timely manner.

RFID Across The Manufacturing Supply Chain

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