RFID Across The Manufacturing Supply Chain

RFID Across The Manufacturing Supply Chain

Introduction: In the video titled “RFID Across the Manufacturing Supply Chain”, Vision ID presents a video on RFID using radio waves to read and catch information stored on a tag. The vidoe list three of the major benefits of radio frequency identification systems. The first one they discuss is tracking assets. They demonstrate these using animations. The second benefit they discussed is reducing time holding onto stocks. They demonstrate this by showing how using RFID is faster than using scan barcodes. They then show the third major benefit which is monitoring the status and condition of a product within the supply chain. Through an animation of a laptop showing percentages of products and condition statuses, this benefit is demonstrated. After covering the three major benefits, they go onto discuss how RFID is integrated into the supply chain. With the use of animations, they show how radio frequency identification systems are integrated into a supply chain operation. Throughout the animation of showing how to integrate RFID into the supply chain, they show what happens if an item has an error or is not up to standards. After they complete the animation, they conclude the video with the Vision ID logo and leave a link for more information on manufacturing in the supply chain.

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